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Tile Refinishing

Top ReGlazing tile refinishing is an affordable yet very effective alternative to bathroom remodeling.
An updated bathroom is important when selling a home but also vital for your own family’s continued enjoyment as the serene spa where to unwind.

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Top ReGlazing has extensive experience in delivering the best quality product at an affordable price. Top ReGlazing experts use various durable and easy to clean materials to update tile surfaces that compliment any style and color schemes. The tile does not need to be restored to the original color but can be refinished with entirely tone tones.

Call or Text : (571) 488-8198

Top ReGlazing bathroom tile resurfacing does not require any demotion, plumbing or major construction work. Everything is done onsite, in just 1 day. We don’t rip out your old tile, we refinish tile by resurfacing it with new topcoat. It is a very affordable solution for people who are on a budget but still would like to renovate the bathroom and give it a fresh new look.

Call or Text : (571) 488-8198

Top ReGlazing tile refinishing service combined with tub and sink refinishing techniques any bathroom can be fully updated and refreshed. Ceramic tile can be repaired and resurfaced, coating them with impact resistant high gloss finish. Grout can be resealed also, allowing for complete bathroom color changes in a matter of hours, without disrupting the walls, plumbing or electrical work inside a bathroom.

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